Stage 5 – Canal Hell



Day 5 at Deadwater

Day 5 at Deadwater. After a very long day yesterday, with the last competitor finishing at around 7am, today’s route took runners through the centre of Manchester. A flat runnable stage with the urban environment being a huge contrast to the pennine moors. Tomorrow the finish line awaits.

Posted by Beyond Marathon on Thursday, 3 August 2017

One glance at the elevation profile below, and you might think you are in for an easy ride. Take it from us, you are not. The contrast from all the hills in the last few days, will be jarring. Why, because it’s canal hell day! in 2021 Canal Hell is 10 miles longer than ever before.

It’s all flat, surely it’s easy? Well, some of your muscle groups are going to get a rest today, but others will be tested to their limit. Essentially there is no relief for 30 miles. If you haven’t run a long way on a canal before, then go out and try it. It’s not easy. This day may be feared more than the long day for some of you.

After an ascent of 1000ft up to Stoodley Pike monument and a short stint on the Pennine Way, you’ll leave it for good and desend to join the Rochdale canal. Today is a world away form the remote and rugged moors of of the last few days, you head right into the heart of Manchester along the waterways. You’ll go right into the centre of the city onto the Bridgewater Canal, and right past Old Trafford, Manchester united’s ground.

You’ll then head out to Altrincham before leaving the canal to join the Pennine Trail and the split away to the outskirts of Warrington to Hollybank campsite, the final campsite; 43 miles today

Download the route GPX files from this page