Deadwater Multi Day Ultra

You’ve decided to take the tough route!

The next edition is 20th – 26th August 2021 

Welcome to the latest race from veteran organisers Beyond Marathon.

Well, you already know the race is 235 miles, over six stages.  It starts in Deadwater on the Scottish border, and it ends in Chester near the Welsh border. This is a not soft-option ‘holiday’ races where your bags are portered between, camps and they feed you hot food twice a day. You enter this race because it is hard. You are self sufficient, receiving only water from the organisers at checkpoints and at camp.  Well. at least until the gala dinner at the finish line hotel.The feeling when you finish a race this hard is…well…see for yourself.

We can only accomodate 50 runners, because the campsites have a limited capacity. A field of 50 also fosters a great camp atmosphere. You will make friends here for life! The stage lengths are as follows:

You can find more the course and stage lengths on the Route page.

Packing Light and Support

Deadwater is longer than your average multi-stage event, and so in the interests of promoting a good race, avoiding injury, we don’t want you to load you up like a pack-mule, so your provisions will be split.  You will carry everything you need for stages 1-3, then you will collect a drop-bag on the finish line at the end of stage 3. That bag will have your provisions for stages 4-6.  For this reason your pack weight should always be less than 5kg.

 In the best tradition of multi-stage ultra’s from all over the world, you’ll carry all your own food, and clothes, sleeping bag and mat. The race organisation supplies only the following in the way of support:
  • Cold water at checkpoints and the finish
  • Hot water at camp (for dehydrated meals and drinks)
  • 4-8 man tents pitched for you at each campsite
  • Paramedic support on the course, and medical tent at camp
 For a detailed kit list, see here.
No individual stage time Limit
That’s right, there are no stage time limits. If you think that is throwing you a bone, it isn’t.  If you arrive back in camp at 3am, you have to feed yourself, rehydrate, sort out your feet before you go to sleep. You’ll be lucky to get a couple of hours sleep before you are up for the next stage.