You can arrive at Kielder campsite under your own steam, or we will pick you up from Hexham Train Station. Hexham is about 45 mins drive from Kielder campsite. The three collection times from Hexham are at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm. If you encounter delays to your rail journey let us know.

What happens on Registration day (The Friday?)

You can arrive any time during the day. Last registration is at 9pm. We will check and weigh your kit, and issue you a road book, a race number, and a Race Drone (a GPS tracker). You give us your drop bag (to collect after stage 3), and a finish line bag that we will give to you at the end of stage 6.

What about food on the Friday night?

There are a couple of places in Kiedler to eat.  We are going to negotiate with Kielder Castle to potentially stay open later to serve meals.  We’ll be asking you nearer the time if you want to book a meal.

What happens in camp on a typical race morning?

You get out of bed, sort your personal admin; toilet, shower, taping up feet. Come and get some hot water for us, for whatever you have brought for your breakfast (porridge!). Fill up your water bottles. Pack up your kit and line up for the start

What time do the stages start each day?

They vary, but typically 8am for the mass start.  After reviewing performances after day 1, we may offer some slower runners the chance to start an hour or two earlier that the mass start each day, in at attempt to allow an earlier finish time.  For the long stage, will have definitely two start times; likely 6am and 8am. Your performance in the previous stages will determine your start time.

What happens during the stages. When will I get more water?

There is a CP roughly every 8-10 miles where we will refill your water. There is no limit to the water. We will allow as much as you need

What happens at the end of the stage?

You can shower, rehydrate, and feed yourself. We will supply hot water for your dehydrated meals. Cheer your team mates into camp, and enjoy camp life, and compare blisters.

Can friends and family meet me?

For most runners it is a week away from it all, but we can’t enforce this kind of rule. Friends and family are not allowed in any of the camps, but they can cheer you on whilst on the course. They can’t supply you with any form of assistance; food, transport or otherwise.

What if my feet are a mess, or I have another injury?

You should sort out minor foot issues with your own blister kit. The paramedics will deal with more messy feet, and any other ailments that you have. They will hold a fix hours surgery each evening, but are available 24×7 for any emergencies.

What kit do I have to take?

See the Kit List

Can I take more kit or clothes than listed?

Of course. Be wary of the weight

Do I have to carry all the food and kit for the whole six stages?

No. You have to carry all the mandatory kit, and all your food for stage 1,2 and 3. You will be handed your drop bag after stage 3. So, you should put all your stage 4-6 food, and any spare socks etc you may want in that drop bag. This will keep overall pack weight down.

What can I put in my day-3 drop bag?

Anything you like, apart from the mandatory items which must be with you at all times. A good tip is to put a luxury food item in your drop bag to consume on the night you get the bag, as you won’t have to carry it the next day! Well, other than inside your stomach!

Is 2000 Kcal per day really enough?

For some people yes, for many no. 3000kcal or more may be more suitable to some appetites

What about navigation?

You will be carrying a Race Drone GPS tracker, so we know where you are at all times. You can’t get lost! You will be given a detailed road book that has a written route description of each stage, as well as maps. We will also supply GPX files for your GPS device, or Mobile phone apps.  We recommend that you install the free app “Viewranger”.

Where are the camps?

The camps are all public campsites. On some of those we will be sharing the site with others. Our tents will be pitched together to create our own area / camp village. We setup/collapse the tents for you.

Can I choose who is in my tent?

We will try and ensure any such requests are met.

What happens if I fail to complete a stage. Am I out?

If the medical team declare you fit, you can continue on subsequent stage(s), but will run unranked in the overall standings.

Can I buy food along the way? Stop for a pub lunch?

No. You can only consume the food that you have brought with you. There is often a little black market trading in camp as the week wears on, and you get sick of certain food items. i.e. “Can I trade you a bag of mints for your peanut M&Ms?” We’ll turn a blind eye to this activity, as you are only robbing each other!